Ligon Arts Boosters

Ligon Arts Staff

 Name Discipline Email
Alyssa Armstrong 2D Visual
Emily Mackie
Renee Todd
Melody Moore
Beth Seaton
Brittany Troutman
Nina Winter
Ruth Johnsen
Ken Jones
 3D Visual
Renee Todd Band
Melody Moore
Beth Seaton
Brittany Troutman
Nina Winter
Ruth Johnsen
Ken Jones Technical Theatre/

Arts Teachers are dedicated!

Ligon's arts teachers devote many, many hours not only to classroom instruction, but to after school rehearsals, clubs, and time with students.  Hug an arts teacher today!

Arts Classes

Ballet I
Ballet II
Ballet III
Best of Broadway
Body Wellness
Contemporary Jazz
Creative Dance
Ligon Dance Company
Dance Ensemble
Dance in the Media
Get your "Glee" on!
Introduction to Dance
Jazz I
Jazz II
Jazz III
Modern Dance I
Modern Dance II
Swing and Ballroom Dance
Tap I
Tap II
Twist & Tone
Video Dance



Acting I
Acting II
Applause Theatre: Drama Production
Bah Humbug - Meet Mr. Dickens
Costumes, Make-up, Props, and Publicity
Encore: Drama Production
Exploratory Arts
Intro to Theatre
Puppets with a Purpose
Sixth Grade Scenes
Technical Theatre
Stagehand Studio

Apprentice Chorus
Treble Chorus
Honors Chorus
Vocal Ensemble
Men's R&B
Magic: Let's Get Moving
Apprentice Strings
Ligon Philharmonic
Silver Strings
Quasar Kids
Beginning Band
Intermediate Band
Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
Concert Band (Ligon Wind Ensemble)
Drum Circle
Music and Art Appreciation
Piano Lab I
Piano Lab II

Visual Arts
Advanced Design
3D Advanced Design
Commercial Art
Drawing I
Drawing II
Exploratory Arts
Fiber Arts
Jewelry Design
Making Memories: Carolina Crafts
Painting I
Painting II
Pottery I
Pottery II
Printmaking I
Printmaking II
Sculpture II: Chess Sets
Stained Glass Design
Total Picture